PT Permata Marindo Jaya and Large Pelagics Workplan


(1 January 2017 – 31 December 2017)



The tuna and large pelagics PT Permata Marindo Jaya FIP is focusing on Yellowfin, Bigeye and Albacore Tuna, Swordfish, Mahi-Mahi, and Wahoo. The main improvement needs identified include: support the implementation of the National Tuna Fishery Management Plan through data sharing, improve catch data recording by species and gear type, improve catch data recording on retained species and bycatch, support a national onboard observer programme, with the objective of improving on board catch recording, retained and bycatch data. Also this FIP supports the national program on eliminating unfair labor practices.


Assemble traceability data presently available. Cross correlate data from catch certificate, national VMS program and RFMO registration. Test available traceability location accuracy and catch data against NOAA Rule criteria. Evaluate currently available data as traceability platform for all Indonesian licensed vessels >30GT working outside of Indonesian waters.


Collaborate and share learnings with P.T. Intan Seafood for ‘passive VTS traceability system for vessels >30GT working the Indonesian water deep water fishery





Work Plan


The FIP will continue to support and contribute to the improvement of data collection, National Tuna Fisheries Management Plan, traceability, and monitoring of labor practices of the tuna and large pelagics longline fishery in Indonesia. This FIP will collaborate with government / Indonesia Maritime and Ministerial Decree No. 2, 2017 to eradicate unfair labor practices in the fishing industry


The longliners operating in the Indian Ocean (FAO Fishing Area 57) will evaluate currently accessible traceability data for vessel Indonesian registered vessels fishing outside Indonesian waters. The FIP will continue with data collection with improvement measures for bycatch recording and data storage format.


1. Improve catch 1.1 Archive improved catch data Archive Excelsheet Adi March 2017 on going till
data reporting Better for future use in national stock quarterly. Pls use i.e. December
logbook formatting assessment 2017_1_SnapperGrou
1.2. Investigate most usable Please contact KKP Adi in coordination March 2017 on going till
format for KKP data analysis and find out about the with Geerry December
format. We need the
information do define
the columns in the
excel sheet. Goal to
use the same format
for both FIP.
1.3. Provide properly formatted Archive landing data in Adi May 2017 on going till
data to all stakeholders KKP friendly format on December
a quarterly basis.
2. Improve Ecological 2.1. Input bycatch data monthly Sort fish bycatch data Adi Starting May 2017 on going till
Related Species from targeted species December
(ERS), retained and electronically
bycatch (discard)
data reporting


2.2. Provide properly formatted Archive landing data in Adi May 2017 The recording of
ERS, retained and bycatch data to KKP friendly format on retained and
all stake holders a quarterly basis. bycatch
has been done but
still needs to be
3. Onboard observer Observer program
program (collect not available at
scientific data e.g. this time.
size measurement,
species caught,
(bycatch – discard
and retained)
4. Improve 4.1. Catalog existing data Screen data for Adi June 2017 In process
Traceability available on Catch Certificate, overlap and
National VMS, RFMO registration traceability data gaps
4.2. Determine readiness of Analyze existing data Adi September 2017 In Process
offshore Indo registered fleet to for useful traceability
meet NOAA Rule data
5. National Tuna 5.1. Support in the data collection Report vessel landings Adi January 2017 Ongoing
Fishery Management through Government to KKP
Plan Implementation enumerators
6. FIP meetings 6.1. Attend annual FIP meeting Review 2017 work All March 2017 Preparation
plan and budget Boston, MA USA


6.2. 2017 FIP work plan Review and comment Bill Stride March 2017 Preparation
acceptance by FIP membership by all FIP members
7. Social Audit and Support SEDEX system as de facto Schedule SEDEX plant Adi October 2017 In progress
fair labor practices social audit for North American audit
market. Update yearly. Apply for
work place safety and fairness
audit. Work with Fisheries
ministry implementation team on
Indonesian and Ministerial
Decree #2, 2017