PT Tuna Permata Jaya Tuna and Large Pelagics Workplan
(1 January  201
6 – 31 December 2016)

The tuna and large pelagicss PT Tuna Permata Jaya FIP focusing on yellowfin, bigeye and albacore tuna, swordfish, and mahi-mahi. The main improvement needs identified include:  support the implementation of the National Tuna Fishery Management Plan,  improve catch record,  by species and each gear type, improve data recording on retained species and bycatch, support a national onboard observer programme, with the objective to improve catch recording, retained and bycatch data and support the national program on eliminating IUU.

Deploy 5 passive vessel tracking devices on off shore vessels. Test for low cost vessel traceability tracking and fishing pressure monitoring. Collaborate with the Global Fish Watch system for off shore data transfer.

Collaborate and share learnings with P.T. Intan Seafood around offshore tracking and fishing pressure mapping.

Share the logo for “Supporting Indonesia Fisheries” FIP demonstrating public linkage of traceability collaboration.



The FIP aims to support and contribute to the development of the improvement and sustainability of the tuna and large pelagics longline fishery in Indonesia. The FIP involves  longliners operating in the Indian Ocean and Indonesia EEZ. The FIP steps are to start with some improvement measures, which will likely be further developed as time progresses.

Improve catch data reportingLogbook Review by MMAFDec-16ongoing
Improve ERS, retained and bycatch data reportingData recording review by MMAFDec-16Ongoing
Onboard observer programImplement observer onboard the vessels, targeting 6 vessels.Dec-16Will install 6 observers onboard when available from KKP
Improve Fishery LicensesRevise fishing ground (SIUP and SIPI) licenses to comply to government regulations to state both fishing grounds (ZEE and High Sea)Sep-16Process ongoing. Slowed by government inspection team
National Tuna Fishery Management Plan ImplementationParticipate in the data collection through Government enumeratorsDec-16ongoing
FIP meetingsParticipants of Indonesia Tuna and Large Pelagics Supplier RoundtableMar-16Completed
Participants in FIP review meeting in BostonMar-16Completed
Will create collaboration around traceability for pelagic and demersal FIPsAug-16Preparation
Meeting with MMAF updating FIP progress conducted.Sep-16Preparation
Social AuditComplete social audits for existing customersSep-16First completed 3 June
TraceabilityInstall passive tracking units on 5 ea <30GT vesselsSep-16Preparation
Test passive trackers with Global Fish Watch sat tracking systemOct-16Preparation
Compile data as pilot for large scale traceable location and fishing pressure transparencyDec-16Preparation