The tuna and large pelagics PT Permata Marindo Jaya FIP is focusing on Yellowfin (Thunnuaalbacares), Bigeye (Thunnusobesus), Albacore Tuna, (Thunnusalaiunga), Swordfish (Xiphius gladius), Mahi-Mahi (Coryphaenahippus), and Wahoo (Acanthocybiumsolandri). The main improvement areas identified include supporting the Indonesian National Tuna Fishery Management Plan and archiving and sharing data for all FIP species with Fish Source.

PMJ will conduct a trend analysis of in house catch data for each species in the FIP. The inhouse catch data begins in 2013 and will be carried on yearly until the completion of the FIP in 2022. PMJ will also complete a trend analysis for the same period and same species for available IOTC data. The trends will be compared, and the results shared with the IOTC and other concerned bodies e.g SFP Tuna Roundtable.


Work Plan

Indonesia contribute 16% of tuna production in the world. Indonesia’s export of produced tuna are increase since 2012 according to MMAF. Ideally, the increase of the export numbers must be accompanied with effective management to keep the fishery in healthy condition. While the world demands increase, the catching policies, harvesting rules, must be implemented and monitored to keep the environment in healthy condition.

  • The FIP will continue to support and contribute data collection to the National Tuna Fisheries Management Plan (Indonesia). In addition, the FIP will catalog species by UNFAO region provide total and weight to augment the Fish Source data base for fisheries inside  UNFAO 57 as well as other organizations concerned with the stock health in the Indian Ocean.
  • PMJ will work with inhouse catch data from 2013-2019. The trends will be analyzed and compared to the same time period and species data collected by the IOTC. The purpose of this exercise is to understand in privately reported data differs from data sources supporting the IOTC.
  • The goal of this workplan is to support Indonesia Government in making policies and regulations towards sustainable fishery especially in tuna. The trend analysis will show the urgency of the action.


Deliverables Task Responsible Deadline Status
1)    Indonesian catch data reporting Archive catch data in house as well as upload to FishSource  and KKP to be passed to RFMO


Archive excelsheet upload to fishsource Adi 2022 On going
2)    Inhouse analysis/ archive data per species from 2013 – 2018 Compare catch trends between inhouse archive data with IOTC data, and making analysis re the trend comparison to be submitted to Indonesian Government through Ministry of Fishery to encourage them of making Indonesian national fisheries map, in order to set sustainable catch harvest. Analyzing both landing data to compare the trends. Rona Pasaribu 2020 On going